Importance in Self Reflection

So, it’s been quite a while. Lots has happened in terms of growth, specifically of the mind.

When you read about people posting about how important it is to take time to reflect on your current situation and consider all avenues, I alway scoffed…not really believing in the importance of the “now” and just focusing on the future and what it may hold. The only thing I can relate this to is imagining you smiling, thinking about all the great possibilities in your head of what may come, while the room around you is on fire and disintegrating under your feet.

Now, I really wish this was something I had realized before. Before the bankruptcy, before the injury, before truly becoming an adult, really. Maybe all these things needed to happen in order for me to get to this point. All the therapy (physical and mental), all the wins and losses…What an odd place to be, filled with anxiety and anticipation.

With this time I’ve had during my recovery, I’ve been to reflect on the past 3 years. 3 years that have undoubtedly changed my life, for what I believe, is for the better. Although still dealing with a lot of insecurities involving myself (mentally and physically), I find that I’ve been able to finally start seeing a lot of the positivity that truly evolves around me. That being said, my physical recovery has been a difficult one. Wearing a brace when necessary but training every day, especially now that my OR therapy has ended and I am now fending for myself in terms of getting back to 100% physical condition. But my hopes are high, and I am looking forward to getting back to my normal life (whatever “normal” even is now).

I’ll keep this short. I’d love to bring this back to more car content, hobby content, instead of just about my life. But even these posts have been quite therapeutic, and I appreciate having a place to dump my thoughts.




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