Dreams Do Come True

We’ve all heard it…or heard about it. I think my difficulty with it was realizing that (in my situation) the sound of the words almost felt like a foreign language.

“You’re going to school, I want you to achieve and do what you want, whatever that is.”

Coming from your atypical low-mid income family, single child, divorced parents, etc. My chances of post-secondary schooling was…very low. I worked hard in my early teens to help my Mom out, while moving addresses constantly and going to high school. Kept up that mentality all through my life until now…where time seems to have slowed down a little. From a hyena chasing it’s prey to a sloth enjoying a nap, though not nearly as pathetic and much more positive in nature. It’s gone from work ’til your brain dead, eat food, sleep, repeat…to something much less aggressive, and much more thought-involved.

I’ve been given the opportunity to go to school. Go back to school. Return to knowledge-soaking. Learning-positive.

Without digging too deep and revealing too much, someone I’ve known and loved my whole life (through hardwork and dedication of their own) has the opportunity to give ME the opportunity to change my career path (for the better) and obtain the knowledge to do so.

Needless to say, tears were had and lots of love given. I can’t express fully how I thought getting a post-secondary education was out of the cards for myself. Given my current situtation, nothing spoke out to me that said, Hey Chicken, in short time you’ll be going back to school for something you’re truly interested and inspired in.

My interest in furthering my education has never dwindled. I’ve constantly looked for ways to better myself outside of the classroom. To finally have the opportunity to learn a new craft with peers, by a tutor, INSIDE a classroom, is unbeknownst to me. It feels strange to be so excited about something some people dread. And maybe I will too. Or not. But maybe.

Anyway, to conclude, I’m incredibly happy. I’m hoping this will be another great adventure to tack onto my already crazy life. The prospects for the future feel great. It’s like the roots of my soul in my body are vibrating and breathing, pulsating with life. Is this what “soul stirring” means?

This won’t be a walk in the park. I still have bills to pay, responsibilities to be responsible for. But I’m not afraid anymore, nor axnious, nor nervous. Call it what you want. I call it terrifying…but in a good way (a great way).

Here’s a photo of one of the best days of my life. Riding my dream bike on a calm Vancouver morning towards Whistler.


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