Late Night Bite #1

Currently just enjoying a good friend of mine stream PUBG, winding down another great evening.

Cooked some juicy cow steaks I prepared earlier for dinner. Came out perfect (rare to medium rare with a great chew profile), and were enjoyed with some deliciously playful (salt did the trick) potatoes partnered with tiny broccoli-shaped friends. It’s this kind of teamwork with my O&O that I feel really sets us up for (great!) success in the future. Everything played out like a perfect A-bomb plant strat on Dust 2.

I’m buzzing slightly at what this webpage and blog have to offer. I’m drumming up as many ideas as I can, both media centric and in written word, to provide to whomever stumbles across my little corner of the ‘web. This might mean taking my camera with me to more places, and having more interactions that aren’t limited to the confines of my DX Racer gaming chair.

The main thing holding me back currently is the physical state of my left leg. Sore, underpowered, overwhelmed, and painful to exert; It hasn’t been a cake walk dealing with the recovery of this unfortunate work accident. For a while I just wanted to blame someone for what happened (as I feel most do when the negative affect the normal), but thankfully that toxicity left my mind like water bleeding out of a fractured glass cup.

We did manage quite a few hours of streaming today, which helps with overall income while being off work. WCB does cover most of my bills, but helping my SO with the rest of life’s duties is particularly difficult with my current financial situation. Having this time off has given me plenty of opportunities to really think about what I want to do in life. I once had someone say (and I paraphrase),”Don’t do something you love for a living, as you’ll end up hating it in the end.” I’ve really taken that to heart since I was in my late teens, and it’s led to me do jobs that I never really found “enjoyable” but more or less a way of making money so that I can pursue what I DO love. I’ve yet to put forth my best foot to doing something that isn’t so centered around money, but rather provides me with a daily dose of “Yes, please!” rather than “Alright, I guess so…”. It’s the thought of pursuing a job with more emphasis on enjoyment and passion that really excites me, as well as the further growth in knowledge and capability within that passion.

If there is one big takeaway from this evening’s thoughts, it’s to not limit yourself to life’s worst criteria. 1. Work Hard. 2. Work Harder. 3. Buy Things. 4. Repeat. Being someone who has so many passions and hobbies, I do find I spend a lot of money on everything but myself. I mean that, I really don’t pay myself, but rather the debt collectors of the things I enjoy (I mean that metaphorically, as I don’t have actual “debt” any more…MORE on that later).

So yes, lots of thoughts swirling around, but what I am enjoying is that they’re slowly becoming positive thoughts, instead of ghouls of negativity floating around and keeping me up at night.

And so I leave you with this, a highlight clip from tonight’s stream. Thanks for reading!

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